ITCS - IT Career Start

IT Career has been popular for many math, computer and engineering students and professionals for more than half a century. The field of IT is one of the fastest-growing career fields ever.
This IT Career Start (ITCS) course training program designed by EMTECH Computer Institute will prepare you for your entry into the IT field with confidence. The course will give you a strong foundation and comprehensive knowledge about the IT Hardware, Networking and Systems including latest technology offerings like virtualization and cloud technologies.

Who should attend? Anybody looking forward to kick start a career in IT Networking, Hardware or Systems can join this course. There are no restrictions or pre-requisites on the eligibility criteria.
This foundation course will help the candidate to have strong concept on IT fundamentals which will help them to confidently take up any Networking and Systems Admin job as well as it leads to CISCO, Microsoft, and VMWARE specialization certification courses.
Enroll today, learn from the experts and be confident to take up any job in IT field.

Course Duration : 4 weeks with practical

  • PART A
  • 1. Basics of Computer and Hardware
    • History Of computer
    • Computer Architecture
  • 2. PC Assembling
  • 3. OS Installations
  • 4. Installing and Configuring a Modem
  • 5. Troubleshooting Hardware Components
  • 6. Identifying Network Operating system
  • 7. Introduction to Server, Storage, SAN, NAS and connectivity
  • 8. Backup, data protection and its importance
  • 9. Introduction to Virtualization and Cloud
  • PART B
  • 1. What is Network?
  • 2. Introduction to Network Cabling and Devices.
  • 3. OSI Layers.
  • 4. TCP/IP Layers.
  • 5. Protocol and Services.
  • 6. IP addressing - IPv4 and IPv6
  • 7. Basic Router Configuration and Switch configuration
  • 8. Introduction to WiFi
  • 9. Introduction to Firewall, UTM and IP security

The course training will be followed by an examination conducted by us, after which the candidate will receive a course completion Certificate.

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