Hall of Fame

Over the past years Emtech Computer Institute became the best training hub in the U.A.E for networking enthusiast and who are already in networking environment. We share the genuine passion and dedication with the students in providing them the finest training methodologies as well as infrastructure necessary in achieving their goal to become a CCIE certified.

And still, we keep on looking for ways to expand our training horizons in order to create a more comfortable and pleasurable way of learning, because our primary objective is to have each and every student pass the most prestigious networking certification ( CCIE ) in their first attempt.

Some of our CCIE passers reveal their stunning experiences with us.

  • "Dreams do come true and Emtech helped me to realize my dream"

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Emtech and it’s staff for their continues support through my journey to CCIE. Working with service provider and having a rotating shift job was a big barrier for me to attend CCIE classes but at Emtech, the option to have flexible timing and attending classes according my job requirement was one of the reason I joined Emtech.

    I would also like to thank Ms. Kalai for her continues support and guidance throughout the course without which getting CCIE certified seemed a difficult task. Once again thanks Emtech and thanks Ms. Kalai for your excellent support and enabling me to achieve my dream of becoming a CCIE.

    Majid Ahmed

    Majid Ahmed - CCIE R & S V5 # 55880
  • "I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and obligation towards the Emtech and Ms. Kalai. It’s been an enlightening experience throughout the program of CCIE and a steep learning curve to say the least. It was all possible due to the unequivocal sustenance and support provided by the the Institute. The quality of training was second to none and I concede that it has equipped me all the tools required for a continued evolution in the field. I feel confident in accomplishing the set targets and exceed the same in due course.

    I believe that the exam was not just an assessment of the technical skills but also that of my fortitude, endurance, willingness, time management and handling constraints under pressure. I’m delighted to have realised my dream and I only have the unconditional support of the Institute and my family to thank for it. The Institute trainer Ms Kalai has been a prodigious mentor throughout the process and I feel that I’m beginning a journey fully stacked.

    Piyush Maan

    Piyush Maan, CCIE #52043 - CCIE Routing & Switching
  • "After attending the fabulous and in depth training at EMTECH under Ms. Kalai equipped me to realize my dream of attaining the most sought out CCIE certification in IT industry. The unlimited access to the training center and the support from faculty during my training phase before the CCIE exam remains a key point in my success. I would definitely recommend EMTECH training for anyone who is planning to do CCIE certification."

    Shaju Ninan

    Shaju Ninan – CCIE R&S # 49471
  • "Doing all that extra work while continuing with a full-time job was an ambitious dream. However, my dedication and the support provided from Emtech Computer Institute helped my achieve my GOAL, my CCIE Number! A special thanks to my Trainer Ms. Kalai for her guidance and support and the entire team of Emtech Computer Institute for always being there for me whenever the need be. Also, I would like to thank my batch mates for the support and teamwork! Thank you All."

    Ahmed Alsharafi

    Ahmed Alsharafi – CCIE R&S V5 # 47149
  • "My ambitious dream had come true on 27th February, 2014. 18 Months ago when I was planning for CCIE, it was Emtech Computers which helped me to start the CCIE preparation smoothly. One of the biggest benefits I received from attending classes beyond the technology of the exam, was how to approach the exam. Knowing how to survive in the exam when things do not go as planned. I felt I was very prepared for the exam thanks to Emtech Computers and owe a big thanks for helping me pass the exam. Undoubtedly Emtech Computers was my first choice because of its highly experienced training faculty and lab facilities. The training Faculty Mrs. Kalai Lenin was extremely Instrumental in my success, I wouldn't have passed the exam without her dedicated support. I would like to thank Emtech Computers & and every individual who supported me to obtain the magic CCIE #42604 at first attempt."

    Fahmeed Baig

    Fahmeed Baig – CCIE R&S # 42604
  • "I found that Emtech CCIE R&S training is the best value for money that can be found in Dubai. First of all, they offered me very convenient payment terms and were very flexible in the installments. Emtech center has two complete lab setups, certified trainers, up-to-date materials and a very interactive students' group. All this helped me build the foundations and expertise require to pass the Lab. After one month of intense training I pass the Lab in first attempt. Thank you Emtech Center and specially to my Instructor, Ms. Kalai Lenin for this Achievement."

    Orlando Pineda

    Orlando Pineda – CCIE R&S # 41371
  • "I walked in to give CCNA exam at Emtech and thats when I was induced to CCIE. The way I was explained about the benefits of achieving this certification made me decide that I would pursue this though I was a little hesitant in the beginning. As I progressed doing this course like a full timer in the institute, my confidence grew with the support of my trainer, my fellow students and seniors. I believe I am very lucky to have cleared CCIE in the first attempt. After having achieved CCIE, I am placed with a famous group here in UAE as IT Security Engineer and really have pride about the same."

    Divya Mukundan

    Divya Mukundan – CCIE # 29050
  • "I used to work a very normal job, eight hours of slogging daily and not much of money and job satisfaction either. That’s when I came to know about CCIE and its importance. I enrolled with Emtech and spend almost a year there as I did not have any base of CISCO. Apart from my hard work, the kind of support I received from the trainer and others at Emtech, always keeping my spirits high made me achieve this milestone and now I am placed with one of the most famous companies as Network Engineer and I really feel I am settled."

    Hriday Goswami

    Hriday Goswami – CCIE # 28185
  • "My journey to CCIE was a smooth one, thanks to the step by step approach of training at Emtech Computer Institute. From the basic knowledge to becoming an expertise, Emtech is the best place where learning technology, individual day lab, group discussion helped me achieve my CCIE.

    I appreciate my trainer, Ms Kalai that she also focusses on the weakest member in the group and giving inspiration. I hope all students in Emtech achieve their CCIE certification and keep continuing the success. Thanks everyone in Emtech. Specially thanks to my respected trainer Ms. Kalai."

    Mahabubur Rahman

    Mahabubur Rahman – CCIE R&S # 47285
  • "I am Arab girl and I live in Saudi Arabia, I always dreamed of obtaining the CCIE number، I couldn't find any CCIE training center in KSA for women so I tried to search in Dubai, and I found that Emtech training is the best value for money that can be found in Dubai and when I started with them, they helped me to start the preparation smoothly. and made me believe that all difficulties can be disappear by taking first step. I passed the Lab in first attempt on 22nd of Feb. and Finally my dream comes true. Special Thanks to my Instructor, Kalai Lenin who supported me all the time. Thank u to all my classmate for supporting and teamwork."

    Ms. Abeer Al Habbash

    Ms. Abeer Al Habbash – CCIE # 47226
  • "I am very pleased to inform that i cleared CCIE R&S lab exam and got my magic number !!!!. I have taken my CCNP & CCIE training from EMTECH, I was trained by a certified and experienced trainer who is very efficient, friendly and effective.I really appreciate your help in making my dreams come true.

    I strongly recommend EMTECH training to all other CCIE aspirants.I can say that EMTECH provides absolutely great and best materials for CCIE track."

    Siril Kuriakose

    Siril Kuriakose – CCIE R&S V5 # 48528
  • "The thing which distinguish Emtech from any other institution is their teaching methodology. Not only they focus on clearing student`s concepts about core theory of technologies, its working and possible application in real life scenarios, but they also provide them with opportunities to practice these concepts in their specially designed practice labs. I really appreciate the guidance and support that was extended by my mentor and institution to polish my expertise over networking theories."

    Rizwan Hanif

    Rizwan Hanif – CCIE R&S V 5 # 48192
  • Name
    Certified Courses
  • Mr. Philip Varghese
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 56919
  • Mr. Majid Ahmed
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 55880
  • Mr. El Sayed Awad
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 55869
  • Mr. Majid Ahmed
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 55880
  • Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sekar
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 55537
  • Mr. Gaurav Vohra
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 53853
  • Mr. Seyed Lathif Fazil
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 53726
  • Mr. Darren Ignacio
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 53561
  • Mr. Abdul Mohsin
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 53547
    CCIE R & S V5
    # 52043
    CCIE Sec
    # 27502
  • Mr. Shijin Saidumohamed
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 50687
  • Mr. Mohamed Motasem Al Omar
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 47596
  • Mr. Ayaz Liaqat
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 50299
  • Ms. Jothilakshmi
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 50121
  • Mr.Aneesh thottathil
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 50054
  • Mr. Shiju Varghese
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 49968
  • Mr. Wasim Hassan
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 49909
  • Mr. Harris Iqbal
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 49875
  • Mr. Wasim Rafi
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 49646
  • Mr. Shaju Ninan
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 49471
  • Mr. Mina Sameh Mounir Mousai
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 49242
  • Mr. Rijesh Odungattuthodiyil
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 48957
  • Mr. Syed Sajjad Raza
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 48798
  • Mr. Rahim Shah
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 48797
  • Mr. Siril Kuriakose
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 48528
  • Mr. Syed Muhammad Ali
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 48421
  • Mr. Rizwan Hanif
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 48192
  • Mr. Mahabubur Rahaman
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 47285
  • Ms. Abeer Al Habbash
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 47226
  • Mr. Sanjay Jagadeesh
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 47158
  • Mr. Ahmed Y. A. AlSharafi
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 47149
  • Mr. Vivek Porwal
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 46868
  • Mr. Tapas Roychowdhury
    CCIE R&S V 5
    # 46869
  • Mr. Shanil kumar
    CCIE R&S
    # 37697
  • Mr. Naufal T
    CCIE R&S
    # 37706
  • Mr. Marius Gunnerud
    CCIE R&S
    # 28497
  • Mr. Vijay Shiva
    CCIE R&S
    # 28581
  • Mr. Muhammad Raffi
    CCIE R&S
    # 37496
  • Mr. Binu Mathew
    CCIE R&S
    # 35947
  • Mr. Gopan Giri
    CCIE R&S
    # 36100
  • Mr. Izhar Kazmi
    CCIE R&S
    # 37523
  • Mr. Hashir Klawai
    CCIE R&S
    # 29049
  • Ms. Divya Mukundan
    CCIE R&S
    # 29050
  • Mr. Rajavethan Veeriah
    CCIE R&S
    # 29186
  • Mr. Lev K
    CCIE R&S
    # 22162
  • Mr. Hasan AL Mdalaneh
    CCIE R&S
    # 24616
  • Mr. Muhammad Mahmud Bashkami
    CCIE R&S
    # 26497
  • Mr. Hriday Goswami
    CCIE R&S
    # 28185
  • Mr. Amith Raman
    CCIE R&S
    # 28186
  • Mr. Sumanth Sureshbabu
    CCIE R&S
    # 28211
  • Mr. Asif P Abubakar
    CCIE R&S
    # 28347
  • Mr. Rajesh Babu K R
    CCIE R&S
    # 28286
  • Mr. Navas Chenganath
    CCIE R&S
    # 28639
  • Mr. Hamdi Al Bahal
    CCIE R&S
    # 39220
  • Mr. Eldose George
    CCIE R&S
    # 39346
  • Mr. Marzook Abdulla
    CCIE R&S, Service Provider
    # 28398
  • Mr. Kalaiselvi Lenin
    CCIE R&S
    # 37279
  • Mr. Sunil P Ravi
    CCIE R&S, Security
    # 26390
  • Mr. Fahmeed Baig
    CCIE R&S
    # 42604
  • Mr. Samir Shaker
    CCIE R&S
    # 42823
  • Mr. Jomy Joseph
    CCIE R&S
    # 42288
  • Mr. Saran Sakthivel
    CCIE R&S
    # 22031
  • Mr. Muhamed Afthab Sharafudeen
    CCIE R&S
    # 28806
  • Mr. Shiju Nelliattu
    CCIE R&S
    # 29809
  • Mr. Sameer Inam
    CCIE R&S
    # 29978
  • Mr. Abdul Rauf
    CCIE R&S
    # 29240
  • Mr. Sachin Rakhra
    CCIE R&S
    # 29373
  • Mr. Yogesh Rajeshirke
    CCIE R&S
    # 29577
  • Mr. Majid Ali Rafai
    CCIE R&S
    # 29979
  • Mr. Madni Haji Rafik
    CCIE R&S
    # 31205
  • Mr. Mubashir Ahmed
    CCIE R&S
    # 32390
  • Mr. Fazil Mohamed Haneefa
    CCIE R&S
    # 38721
  • Mr. Irfan Ul Qaiser Khan
    CCIE R&S
    # 39743
  • Mr. Thanzeer Thahir
    CCIE R&S
    # 40238
  • Mr. Abhilash Sasi
    CCIE R&S
    # 33915
  • Mr. Danushka Kaluarachchi
    CCIE R&S
    # 34776
  • Mr. Shanavas Basheer
    CCIE R&S
    # 35132
  • Mr. Thair Omer Butma
    CCIE R&S
    # 35194
  • Mr. Khalid Alkhatib
    CCIE R&S
    # 35226
  • Mr. Philip Kurien
    CCIE R&S
    # 35613
  • Mr. Mashhood Kandiyil
    CCIE R&S
    # 29729
  • Mr. Dedi Gunawan
    CCIE R&S
    # 29745
  • Mr. Udayakumar
    CCIE R&S
    # 40641
  • Mr. Asim Munir
    CCIE R&S
    # 40968
  • Mr. Orlando Pineda
    CCIE R&S
    # 41371
  • Mr. Hossam Mohamed
    CCIE R&S
    # 41371
  • Mr. Gurpreet Singh
    CCIE R&S
    # 29652